Urban, Rural and Regional Development

With the ever-increasing population and need of enhancing living standards, there are many Urban, Rural, and Regional development projects launched to support major developments in the country. When it comes to such projects, it’s not only crucial but also timely to consider the need for future expansion. We believe that a well-planned innovative design plays a pivotal role in such urban development projects.

Development of apartments for low-income families living in the urban areas, development of internal roads, car parks, parks and recreational spaces, hospitals, drinking water facilities, electricity, communication facilities, educational and health sector developments falls under this category. As a country that has a high percentage of GDP in agriculture, constructions projects that facilitate agriculture and other related areas falls under the Urban, Rural, and Regional Developments too.

The services currently being rendered by 3G are;

  • Master planning and conceptual design developments
  • Development of action plans, policies for expansion of agricultural and SME sector enhancements
  • Development of resettlement and social impact assessments
  • Development of plan and policies for community health education enhancements
  • Architectural, Structural and Building Services designs
  • Project Procurement Advise and Documentation
  • Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance and Contract Administration
  • Environmental & Social Management
  • Public & Construction Safety Management