Procurement and Contracts

Procurement involves making buying decisions under scarcity. Whereas, in order to secure and make the project a reality, it is vital to have a proper contract between parties.

A contract is a legally binding agreement between at least two parties that defines and governs the rights and obligations of the two or many parties involved. A contract is legally enforceable since it fulfils the requirements and approval of the law. A sound Contract Administration will create a path to deliver the project to a definite success.

Making right decisions, at the right time by the right people can largely change the direction of a business. Hence, the demand for procuring, making agreements and contract administration has created opportunities for 3G to involve in many project procurements within many leading international organizations like WORLD BANK, ADB, JICA, AIIB, and RDA BOC, PRDA, NBRO, SL Cricket Board, IDEAL Motors and many such local clients as well.

The services currently being rendered by 3G are;

  • Preparation of different types of Tender Documents in Procuring Consultants (EOI, TOR, RFP, Tender evaluation criteria under QCBS, QBS, FBS, for Traditional and Conventional types of Projects such as PPP, BOT etc...)
  • Preparation of different types of Tender Documents in Procuring Contractors (Traditional Bidding, D&B, Turnkey, Management Contracts etc...)
  • Tender Evaluation and Recommendation (Technical & Financial Evaluations)
  • Contract Intent / Award (Letter of Intent / Acceptance)
  • Contract Administration (Contractual Letters, Management of Variations, Provisional Sums, Prime Cost Sum Accounts and Cost & Time Claims)
  • Interim Payment Certification (IPC)
  • Issue of Taking Over Certificate, Performance Certificate and Final Accounts
  • Project Completion Reports