Environmental and Climate Resilience Engineering

Sri Lanka is an island nation, exhibiting remarkable biological diversity and considered to be the richest country in the Asian region in terms of species concentration. Ecological, climatic, soil and topographical variability across the country provides favourable conditions for many types of species of flora and fauna in most localities. We at 3G Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., believe that it’s our responsibility to protect the environment and we have always cherished the idea of sustainable development and conservation of the environment.

Our environmental, geotechnical, and geological engineers have always stressed on minimising the damage to the environment by using design concepts that corroborate minimum impact to the nature.

As one of 34 'biodiversity hotspots' of the world, protection of endangered plants & animals during the country’s ongoing development projects is one of the major challenges the government is facing at the moment. 3G Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. takes pride in actively participating in deciphering and helping the government with our expertise in the areas of Environmental and Climate Resilient Engineering.

The services currently being rendered by 3G are;

  • Environmental / Social Impact Assessment
  • Site investigation, instrumentation and monitoring and conceptual design reports
  • Detailed engineering design of measures for the rectification of landslides, ground subsidence and slope protection
  • Project Procurement Advise and Documentation
  • Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance and Contract Administration
  • Environmental & Social Management
  • Public & Construction Safety Management